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5 Benefits of Using a Tax Agent this Tax Season

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

As the financial year comes to a close on the 30th of June and the tax season begins, you may be questioning whether you want to complete your own individual tax return or find a tax agent to assist you with your lodgment.

If you are considering completing your own tax return, it is free to do so online through the myTax tool via myGov. However, this can be time consuming and confusing, especially if you have a more complex tax return to lodge.

Conversely, tax agents are trained to give you expert advice and will ensure that you will receive all of the deductions you are entitled to and that your return is accurate. Even though using a tax agent will come at a cost, you are actually able to claim the cost of using a tax agent on your return, so its a win-win!

Here are four more reasons why you may want to use a tax agent this tax season:

1. Saves You Time

All you need to do is provide your tax agent with all of the relevant information and they will be able to do your entire lodgment for you! A meeting with your tax agent will only take around an hour where they will ask you questions in order to prepare your lodgment. You will not need to look up deductions yourself or check through your return to find mistakes. Instead, a tax agent, such as Solution In, will be able to do all of this for you.

2. Stress Free Process

Using a Tax agent means that you will have the peace of mind knowing that your return has been accurately prepared.

3. More Bang for your Buck

While you do have to pay your tax agent a service fee, a tax agent can help you maximise your tax return. Tax agents can use their expertise to ensure that you claim all of the deductions that you are eligible for!

4. Extended Deadlines

If you lodge your tax return using a tax agent, the usual deadline of October 31st (that applies to self-lodgers) does not apply to you. Instead, you will have until the 15th of May 2022 to lodge your return. All you need to do is let your agent know before the October 31st deadline that you are planning to do this to ensure your deadline is extended.

5. Less Complex

If you have got a complicated financial situation, getting the right advice from a tax agent can save you time, stress and unnecessary payments to the ATO.

Let Solution In Help You this Tax Season!

If you are considering using a tax agent this year be sure to contact Solution In at 0405 012 345 or book online at to receive a FREE 30 Minute Consultation!

At Solution In we offer a reliable, accurate and efficient tax return service, so let us show you why it is worth it to use a tax agent!

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