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Kaitlin Hatherley

Marketing Intern

Kaitlin is our marketing intern for this semester. She specializes in content creation, social media marketing and digital strategy. 

  • Content Creation

  • Digital Marketing Strategy 

  • Relationship Marketing 

  • Social Media Marketing

Andy Chen

CPA Accontant

Andy joined Solution In Accounting in 2019. Now he is a key member of our firm, and provides Personal Taxation Advice, Accounting Training and Business advisory services to our clients. 

He is a member of Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA).

Our team of professionals come from qualified Accounting, Tax and Finance backgrounds. The team is comprised of CPA Australia Public Practitioners, Senior Accountants with master’s qualifications, Assistant Accountants and Accounts Assistants.


We also have registered tax agents and licensed real estate agents as well as professionals who deliver our training programs, seminars and events in business, accounting, tax and property areas.

Our core team works seamlessly with all members of Solution In, across all our offices, to ensure that clients receive the highest level of service. Our employees work hard to provide a high-quality service to clients.

They have experience in cooperating with the ‘Big 4’ banks in Australia, educational institutions such as the Australian National University, and financial institutes such as Freedom Finance. We also have corporate and marketing partners in the legal, real estate, finance and media industries. 

Our Team